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Who I am?!

Born in Sinnicolau Mare, Timis country, Romania. I´ve been living in Cologne since 2012, here I am surrounded by people with lots of experience in electronic music.

Since I wasin general school, I started to listen to Techno, Dance and House music. Years passed and in June 2017, I took decision to develop main hobbies.

Do you want to know anything about me? I’ll immediately tell you a small part of what I am, what I believe, what I feel.

I never liked to describe myself. I just do not know what to say, though there are so many things to say about me. I should let you discover me.

Well, first of all, I’m a normal person with normal concerns, and I do not have anything out of the ordinary. I’m not interesting, I’m not the kind of gossip, I’m just me and nothing more.

Critic too much. I am honest and if something bothers me I say it. I admit intelligent people who have something to say, but unfortunately today you rarely encounter such a thing. I like subtle ironies. I like the way people look at even the most serious things from a fun perspective. I love naturalness and I hate everything that is false.

I’m the person who listens to a lot of music, especially like Techno, House, Tech-House, Deep House Trance, Chill Out and good quality rock (Coldplay, U2, etc.)

What is my opinion about music?

How many times do you leave yourself with your sensitive agreements … how many times have you not felt the spark that lit the fire in your souls? Too often because music is a divine gift .. it’s a unique treat .. it’s a vibration … it resonates with your heart .. like the chirping of the birds on a starry sky or the murmur of spring water at the end of the forest .. the musical is anywhere .. in us and without it would be so deserted in our souls …

I like to dream, that helps me to form a small world of mine where to imagine a future as I want it, at least in dreams everything is possible!

Could write a lot more, but I do not want to bore anyone.